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Size Guide

Size Guide



We know the importance of a correct fitting collar for both comfort and safety.

We encourage you to drop us a message when purchasing your collar to let us know your dogs neck size so we can custom make a collar that is the perfect fit!



We recommend measuring your dogs neck with a soft tape. Adjust the tape to allow two fingers to sit comfortably between the neck and the tape. Alternatively you can measure your pets current collar to assist in selecting your size.

NOTE: The following size charts are intended to be used as a guide guide only.


Buckle Collar

XS (20-28cm)

S (24-33cm)

M (33-49cm)

L (43-57cm)

XL (55-70)


Quick Release Collar

S (25-40cm)

M (35-50cm)

L (43-70cm)


The Adjustable Martingale

We have combined the classic chain feature with a belt style adjustment at the rear allowing for your collar to be used as both a functional collar for leading - and a fashion statement!


Martingale & Training Collars

***Please provide an exact neck size measurement for all martingale and training collars. Alternatively provide an image of your current collar***

The Martingale or Limited Slip Collar is designed to provide more control and prevent the chance of escape - ultimately keeping your pooch safe!


S - leather length: 25cm  chain length: 15cm

M - leather length: 30cm  chain length: 15cm

L  - leather length: 35cm  chain length: 15cm

XL - leather length: 40cm chain length: 15cm

Martingale/training collars should not be worn while your pet is unattended due to the tightening function of this design.



XS - width: 22cm - fits collar width up to: 15mm

S - width: 26cm - fits collar width up to: 25mm

M - width: 32cm - fits collar width up to: 40mm

L - width: 42cm - fits collar width up: 50mm

Bow Collar 

S (25-40cm)

M (35-50cm)

L (43-70cm)






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